What do you do with your old spectacles?

Do you have one or more sets of glasses with an old or out of date prescription that you no longer use? If so, have you considered donating them?

Why Donate?

Donating your old glasses rather than simply throwing them out means that they can be passed on to someone less fortunate. The prescription of your old lenses is measured and the glasses are given to someone whose prescription is similar to that of your old glasses. Donating old glasses provides people with the gift of sight.

How to Donate

At Custom EyeCare, we accept glasses donations on behalf of the Lions Club, which are then passed on to people who need them.

If you have any old glasses to donate, be sure to drop them into the practice so we can pass them on to The Lions Club.

Thankyou from The Lions Club!

The below video from the Lions Club shows where your donated glasses go, and says thank-you for all the donations received so far!