Tips for Travelling with Spectacles

When you are on holidays, clear vision is important as it allows you to see and do all the things you have travelled to see and do!
Follow these handy tips to ensure you have clear vision on your next holiday!


Take A Spare Pair (Just In Case)

A spare pair can be a true lifesaver if anything happens to your main pair of spectacles whilst travelling.
A spare pair could be your old spectacles, or a new second pair made with your most recent prescription.

Separate Your Spares

If your next holiday involves air travel, it is a great idea to separate your spectacles.
Keep your spare pair in your checked baggage and your current pair in your carry on.

Prescription Sunglasses Are More Useful Than You Think!

There is a good chance your next holiday will either be somewhere sunny, near the water, a mountainous area or the snow. All of these environments require a quality pair of sunglasses.
Sunglasses protect your eyes against harmful UV light which can increase the progression of cataracts, macular degeneration, and other eye problems.

Pack A Cleaning And Repair Kit

A repair kit can come in handy if you need to quickly tighten a loose screw whilst travelling.

If They’re Not On Your Face, They’re In The Case!

If you aren’t wearing your spectacles, ensure they are put away in their case.
Keeping your Spectacles in the case when they aren’t on your face will help prevent accidental damage.
Keeping the case in your suitcase can also help prevent accidentally leaving your spectacles in your hotel room.