Tips For Travelling With Contact Lenses

When you are on holidays, clear vision is important as it allows you to see and do all the things you have travelled to see and do!

Follow these handy tips to ensure you can see clearly on your next holiday!


Don’t Exclusively Rely on Your Contact Lenses – Take Your Spectacles!

Whilst contact lenses offer your eyes freedom your spectacles don’t, it’s important not to exclusively rely on them when travelling.

If you experience any redness in your eyes, or any signs of an eye infection, it is important to give your eyes a break from contact lens wear. If you don’t have any spectacles with you on your travels, you won’t be able to give your eyes a rest without compromising your vision.

Don’t Wear Contact Lenses When Flying

Cabin air can dry out your eyes, making contact lens wear uncomfortable. Whilst lubricating eye drops may be helpful, it is always most comfortable to forgo wearing your contact lenses, especially on long haul flights. If you decide to wear your contact lenses on a flight, ensure you have spectacles in your carry-on luggage so you can swap if your eyes become too uncomfortable.

Stock up on Contact Lens Solution

It is important to stock up on contact lens solution for your next holiday. This means you will be prepared if the solution you use is not readily available in the area you are travelling. Taking more solution than you think you may need is also a good idea, just in case you run out.

It is also important to remember never to use water with your contact lenses.

Consider Swapping to Daily Contact Lenses

Daily contact lenses can be easily disposed of at the end of each day, which means you don’t have to worry about cleaning and storing your lenses at the end of each day. Daily contact lenses also don’t require you to carry bulky bottles of contact lens solution, which leaves you with extra room in your suitcase!

Take Spares

Always take a few extra pairs of contact lenses with you when travelling as backups. You don’t want to be caught out at the end of your trip with less contact lenses than you thought you would need!

Separate your Spare Pairs

If you wear contact lenses it’s a great idea to keep a few pairs in your carry-on luggage. That way, if anything happens to either your checked or carry-on luggage, you will always have a pair of spectacles, or contact lenses.