Tips For Before You Travel


Have Your Spectacles Serviced

There is nothing worse than your spectacles breaking on holidays, which is why a spectacle service should be high on your to-do list before embarking on a holiday.
A spectacle service involves an appointment with one of our qualified optical dispensers who will perform any necessary adjustments and repairs to your spectacles ensuring they are in comfortable working order before your holiday.
If you are taking multiple pairs of spectacles on holidays, it’s a great idea to have them serviced at the same time.

Don’t Leave Ordering your New Spectacles to the Last Minute

New spectacles generally take 2 weeks to be made, and this can be even longer if you have a difficult prescription!
If you have a holiday planned, try and organise any new spectacles (including prescription sunglasses) you may need well in advance if you want to take them with you!

Don’t Forget to Order More Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can sometimes take a few days to arrive at the practice once they have been ordered from the manufacturer. If your prescription is out of stock with the manufacturer, this can take even longer.
To ensure your contact lenses go on holidays with you, it’s important to order them at least 2 weeks in advance.