Three Myths about Multifocal Glasses – and the Truth

Three Myths about Multifocal Glasses – and the Truth

Have you ever heard someone complain about multifocal glasses? They seem to have an undeserved bad reputation – but the fact is that multifocals, or progressive lenses, are the most versatile lenses available. Keep reading to find out the myths & the truth about multifocals.

Myth 1: Sometimes people fear that wearing multifocals means wearing glasses all the time – but that’s not true. Even people who only need glasses for close up – reading, ipad, phone and computer – can wear multifocals for these activities, and then take them off when finished.

Why not just wear single-focus reading lenses? Because with multifocals, unlike with simple reading glasses, you can easily glance up across the room to look at the TV, a clock on the wall, or someone’s face, without having to remove or look over the glasses.

As wearers of reading glasses will tell you, having to continually remove or look over reading glasses to see around the room can become a bit of a nuisance – but this is not a problem with multifocals.

Myth 2: Another myth about multifocals is that you have to start moving your head up & down or into strange positions to see, or that the clear zone for reading is like looking through a key hole.

This only happens if multifocals are measured or manufactured incorrectly, or fitted into a frame that’s too small – we do still see people having these problems with glasses purchased elsewhere or fitted by unqualified staff.  When correctly measured and fitted, modern multifocals allow for a natural, comfortable, normal head posture when reading or using a computer, with no crazy head movements needed!

Myth 3: The last myth about multifocals is that they’re “hard to get used to”. Sure, there’s a settling in period where they feel a little unusual, just like a new pair of shoes or driving a new car. But once again, multifocals are only “hard to get used to” if they’ve been measured or fitted incorrectly, or if an older, cheaper lens design is used.

Modern multifocals, correctly fitted, are very easy to use – which is why they’re the preferred personal choice of almost all optometrists aged over 45!  🙂  To find out if they’re the right option for you, contact us to book an appointment for an eye & vision consultation, customised to your needs. Or, click a link below to read more information.


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