Prescription Sunglasses

Man wearing prescription sunglassesProtect your eyes and look great in pair of prescription sunglasses from Custom Eyecare – for driving, the beach, or just walking around outside. Enjoy protection from glare and UV without compromising on clear vision.

Woman wearing prescription sunglasses

Choose a stylish sunglass from our fashion range and have it fitted with your individual prescription lenses by our expert qualified optical dispensers. At Custom EyeCare, almost of the sunglasses in our range are ‘prescriptable’, meaning they can take a prescription lens.Woman wearing prescription sunglasses

Select your preference of a dark, medium or light tint with our expert guidance. Or, you can choose polarising prescription lenses, which are great for fishing, boating and reflected glare situations. Polarising lenses are available in either grey for no colour distortion, or brown for better contrast on hazy days.

We can even put multifocal lenses into prescription sunglasses so that you can check your mobile phone, look at your watch, and read in the sun!

If you’d like to have your prescription updated before ordering your prescription sunglasses, book an appointment for an eye and vision check at Custom EyeCare Newcastle. Otherwise, you can go ahead and enquire about ordering your prescription sunglasses straight away.

Ready to read some books at the beach with prescription sunglasses!