HD Retinal Photographic Imaging – the new Zeiss Clarus

Back in 2006 we were one of the first optometrists in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley area to introduce the then-new technology of a retinal imaging camera, for diagnosis and monitoring of eye health and eye diseases. Over the years since then, most other optometrists have caught up, to the point where retinal photography is now a fairly routine part of a decent quality eye examination.

Zeiss Clarus HD widefield retinal camera

So in 2019 we are moving forward with the latest technology, with the purchase of the amazing Zeiss Clarus high definition (HD) wide field retinal camera. Once again we’re the first & only optometrist in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley area to purchase and use this advanced technology. We can now image your retina, macula and optic nerve with unprecedented high resolution, in wide field clarity, and in true colour.

High Definition Images

Custom EyeCare’s Zeiss Clarus provides a beautiful high definition, wide field view of the back of your eyes, without needing to dilate the pupils in most cases. If you grew up watching the boxy old standard definition TVs of the 60s, 70s and 80s, do you remember the first time you saw a new HD flat screen television? Viewing Zeiss Clarus images of your eyes for the first time feels like that!

HD Wide Field Retinal Photography
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No More Pupil Dilation Drops for most people

Previously we used dilating drops for a thorough check of the health of the back of the eyes. But with the Zeiss Clarus, dilating drops usually are not needed, meaning your vision is unaffected after your eye check. (Dilating drops may still be required in certain situations.)

Other optometrists claim to have wide field imaging but the Zeiss Clarus is unmatched in combining high resolution, true colour, and field of view. At Custom EyeCare Newcastle, we include Zeiss Clarus retinal imaging as part of your consultation for everyone, from young to old. We use it every day to diagnose new eye diseases and monitor existing conditions for changes over time.

HD Wide Field Retinal Photography - Clarus HD resolution vs competitor
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Image Gallery (Click images to view full sized version)

Normal healthy retina
Normal healthy retina – Click on image to view full sized
Retinal tear
Retinal tear – Click image to view full sized
Dry macular degeneration
Dry macular degeneration – Click on image to view full sized