Can You Put New Lenses into Pre-Owned Frames?

Every pair of spectacles tells a story. They’ve been with you through it all, helping you see every word, corner, twist and turn without demanding much attention. While the first few weeks were awkward or you felt some hesitation, they’re a part of you now. We don’t want to change that. There’s no reason why you can’t continue your lover affair with the pair you wear every day! Learn a little more about how you can reglaze prescription glasses with Custom Eyecare today and ready your peepers for a strong sight experience… without losing your favourite frames!

What is Reglazing?

Reglazing is a technical term that may pop up in blogs like this one or during your appointment – while it sounds fancy, it means we will reuse your frames to house new lenses, should it be possible. Under certain circumstances, a trusted optometrist like Custom Eyecare can update your favourite frames with your current prescription with minimal downtime. 

We know your eyes are in demand almost 24/7, so we work with you to ensure your new lenses match your needs today, recommending a simple eye test before proceeding with reglazing. Not only will you know where you stand, but you’ll also increase the longevity of the lenses, delivering value for money.  

Why Should You Put New Lenses into a Pair You Already Wear?

Sure, broken and damaged lenses are the most likely reglazing scenarios, but there are a few other reasons why you should potentially consider giving your lenses a new lease on life.

Prescription Particulars

Although we briefly touched on it above, fitting fresh lenses in old frames opens up the opportunity to discuss your current sight needs and the status of your overall eye health – is your current prescription serving you? 

New Lens Coatings 

You love your frames and your lenses are doing the job, but you’re curious about potential coatings, including anti-reflective coatings for office workers, photochromatic coatings (also known as transitions) and tinted coatings. New look, new features, old glasses. 

Turn an Accessory into an Essential 

Do you own expensive frames that are lying unused and dusty in the bottom of the kitchen drawer? Why not put them to good use with a reglazing? Get a designer look for the price of new lenses! 

Okay, But What About the Flip Side? Can You Get New Frames for Old Lenses?

Sometimes. While it is theoretically possible to update your frames like you makeover your wardrobe, old lenses won’t always fit into new styles. To work effectively, the optical centre of the lens must align with your pupil centres – quite often, the shape and size of the old lens doesn’t meet this requirement. But it doesn’t hurt to ask!

What About New Sunglass Lenses in Old Frames

Like any reglazing project, it depends on the quality of your existing frames, their condition and your prescription specifics. Not every pair of sunglasses, or glasses for that matter, can be reglazed. Sometimes fresh frames are required to match your new lenses. By far the most common reason for this would be because the existing frame is becoming brittle or is otherwise at risk of breaking. There is no point putting beautiful new lenses into a frame that breaks either during fitting or soon after. Plastic frames are more prone to becoming brittle with age than metal frames. Also, a frame that is generally ‘worn out’ may technically accept a new lens,  but sometimes it just seems a shame and slightly wasteful (like putting a beautiful new modern engine in a worn out 1975 car!). A careful consultation will reveal if this is the case. 

Similar to prescription specs, prescription sunnies require the same lens to pupil alignment to help you see better. So while it is possible, it’s also highly improbable. There is some good news though… non-prescription sunglass lenses offer a touch more flexibility provided they’re in good condition. If they’re scratched, permanently marked or a little cracked, you’re better off rocking a new pair!

Specialised Lenses to Match Your Vision Needs

At Custom Eyecare, we do things a little differently. We cultivate relationships with Australian lens laboratories, ensuring every lens that passes through our doors is made and tested by local technicians. We are proud to supply you with quality, trusted products that deliver the vision results you want and need to enjoy whatever life hands you. 

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