Meet Lauren O’Kane – our trainee Optometrist

Lauren O’Kane – Final Year Optometrist-in-Training

lauren colourLauren is a Newcastle ‘local’  who you might remember from a few years back when she worked with us over at Marketown during her gap year, before heading off to university.

Fast forward to 2016: Lauren is now just a couple of months away from graduating as a fully qualified optometrist, and she’s doing her final clinical training placement with us here at Custom EyeCare on Darby Street.

Lauren has been seeing patients of all ages, prescribing glasses, diagnosing eye conditions, and giving good advice. We’ve already received great feedback from patients about her work!

Since Lauren hasn’t officially graduated yet, her consultations are routinely supervised & checked by senior optometrists using our networked computer & imaging technology, and also in person.

So if your next eye appointment is coming around soon, we invite you to see Lauren for a thorough and friendly eye examination performed to the same high standards you enjoy from all the optometrists at Custom EyeCare.

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