Like anything with moving parts, glasses need routine maintenance to stay in correctly alignment. Glasses that are loose, misaligned or wearing out are not only annoying, but can even result in difficulty focussing, eye strain, or headaches. Naturally as glasses are handled over time they can go out of shape, so we suggest you drop in every six months or so for an adjustment.

We can help you with everything from simple adjustments or replacing a screw or worn-out nose pads, through to more difficult repairs such as soldering and sink joints.

For glasses purchased from us or from other independent optometrists, most adjustments are free of charge; and commonly replaced parts such as nose pads are charged at a minimal cost only.

If you accidentally damage your glasses and have been told by a corporate chain store that they can’t be repaired, bring them to us for an assessment before buying a replacement pair. Our qualified optical dispensers are fully trained in working with all frame materials and can complete many repairs on-site.