Holiday Appropriate Eyewear


Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses are an essential eyewear solution for almost all types of travel. Whilst prescription sunglasses will be the perfect companion for a warm weather holiday, the benefits of prescription sunglasses in cooler climates are sometimes overlooked.

Whether you plan on lounging by the pool with a book or magazine on your resort holiday, navigating the open seas, or sun-baking on a beach, prescription sunglasses will allow you to see clearly without squinting from the glare of the sun.

In cooler climates, prescription sunglasses protect your eyes by filtering out harmful UV light. If you are expecting to see snow on your travels, prescription sunglasses will also protect your eyes against glare reflecting off the snow.

Contact Lenses vs Spectacles

The decision to wear spectacles or contact lenses is often a very personal one. When travelling it is important to always travel with at least two pairs of spectacles, regardless of whether or not you wear contact lenses. If you wear contact lenses, it is important not to exclusively rely on them. A backup pair of spectacles can help relieve your eyes from contact lens wear.

Prescription Sport Glasses

If your next holiday involves cycling, running, boating, trekking, or any other sporting activity, prescription sport glasses are worth looking into. Sport glasses offer a larger wrap than regular sunglasses, and for cyclists in particular, they can be tinted to suit your individual needs.

Prescription Swimming Goggles

If you plan on seeing the local underwater world on your holiday, prescription swimming goggles are ideal. Whilst prescription swimming goggles are popular with children, they are also available for adults to improve your underwater vision.