COVID-19 (Coronavirus) changes – Custom EyeCare Newcastle

COVID-19 has been a rollercoaster and we’ve been constantly adapting to keep everyone safe. At Custom EyeCare we are taking all necessary precautions, above & beyond Department of Health recommendations, to ensure safety for you when you visit, and also for our team. Below you will find information on the changes we have made, and we will be regularly updating it for your reference.

Last updated 7/8/2020

On booking an appointment:

  • You will be asked some pre-screening questions;
    • Have you had contact with anyone who is unwell, in isolation, or who has been diagnosed with coronavirus, in the past 14 days?
    • Have you had a fever, sore throat, cough or any flu-like symptoms, in the past 7 days?
  • We ask that you please delay your appointment if you answer yes to any of the above
  • If you are a new patient to the practice, we will email you a link to our ‘New Patient’ form. It would be wonderful if you’d complete the online form ahead of your appointment. This reduces your contact time at our reception counter and enables us to have your patient file ready ahead of time. If you have been referred to us, please email the referral before the day of your appointment. 

When visiting us, you are likely to notice:

  • Our new hand sanitiser stand units just inside the front door and as you enter our pretesting area. Please sanitise your hands on entry. We also have complimentary hand sanitiser at the reception desk as we are very conscious of hygiene. A bathroom with pump soap is also available should you need 
  • To maintain social distancing, we have changed our clinic schedule so there are less patients in the practice at a time
  • We have also extended our consultation times to allow adequate sanitation time between patients
  • We are also trying to book everyone by appointment so we can track who we see. This includes collecting your glasses and contact lenses, even minor repairs. 
  • We’ve reduced seating in waiting areas, removed the magazines from the waiting tables, and toys from the kids play area 

When interacting with our team, don’t be surprised if:

  • Your optometrist is wearing a mask or face shield during the consultation as we work within the 1.5m distance
  • Our dispensing team put on a mask to take your spectacle measurements or adjust your glasses
  • The technician will wear a mask whilst measuring your eye pressure 
  • There’s no need for you to wear a mask for your visit, unless you want to. We have a limited supply of masks but if you would like to use one please ask. 

During the consultation you will notice:

  • Lots of hand sanitiser and hand washing
  • A clear screen on the slit lamp microscope to protect both patient and practitioner
  • We will wipe and sanitise every surface before we see the next patient
  • Optometrists may be working in alternating consultation rooms to allow for thorough disinfection of surfaces and equipment after each & every patient. 
  • We ask that you limit the number of additional friends and family attending the practice with you, especially in the consultation rooms.
  • We may leave the door to the consult room open for extra ventilation

We are now offering additional services where practical:

  • We have set up an online store for speciality contact lens and dry eye products. If you would like additional products added to our online store, please let us know your requests.
  • We can deliver your glasses, contact lenses, solutions, eyedrops to your car in our front carpark if you ring in advance
  • Postage of contact lenses and solutions
  • Home delivery of spectacles 

For more updates within the practice, please see our Facebook page as we are making every effort to keep you all informed and cared for. Thank you for your support and we do hope to see you back again soon at Custom EyeCare – your local, independent, family owned optometrist, serving Newcastle and the Hunter Valley for over 20 years.