Colour Vision Testing

Colour Vision Testing in Newcastle

Colour vision deficiencies (often incorrectly called “colour blindness”) are fairly common, affecting around 8% of all Newcastle males (and around 0.4% of females). Most colour vision deficiencies are of the red/green type – this doesn’t mean red is confused with green, but it means either red or green is more difficult to see.

colour vision testing Newcastle

Like many Newcastle optometrists, at Custom Eyecare we use the “Ishihara Tests for Colour Vision Deficiency” (24 plate edition) for routine colour vision testing. The Ishihara test has been used around the world for many years since it was first published in 1917, and it is still one of the best pass/fail type colour vision tests in use today.


D15 specialty colour vision testingHowever the Ishihara test does not provide any information on the degree or severity of a colour vision defect. For this, we use a more specialised colour vision test, the Farnsworth D15. This is a colour arrangement test in which a series of 15 coloured caps needs to be sorted into order so that the most similar colours are next to each other. Results of the D15 test can be used to distinguish “mild” colour vision deficiencies from “moderate to severe” colour vision deficiencies. For example, many employers of electricians will accept an employee with a known colour vision defect, as long as they pass the D15 test (although this is not a formal or legal standard).

The other colour vision test used at Custom Eyecare is the Medmont C100. This is used to distinguish between red (protan) and green (deutan) colour vision defects. A colour vision defect does not mean the person sees in black and white. It means a reduced sensitivity to either reds or greens. Results from the C100 test indicate whether it’s shades of reds or shades of greens which are the difficulty.

There are many colour vision tests available online but these are of limited value because the results depend entirely on the colour settings of your computer monitor, and also the room lighting used.

At Custom Eyecare we regularly test colour vision for maritime licences, electrical apprenticeships, NSW police, and various other occupational or employer groups. Our colour vision testing fee includes a written report and also a full general eye health and vision check at the same time. When you phone to make an appointment please ask for a “colour vision test”.

Contact us to arrange your colour vision assessment and comprehensive eye & vision check.

Please note that there is no Medicare rebate for consultations that are related to, or required for, employment or career purposes. Also, please be aware that although we can provide you with personalised advice, we do not make the decision as to whether your colour vision is suitable for your employment: we conduct the test & write the report, and the final decision depends on your employer and/or the relevant workplace standards.

We do not offer lantern testing – if you require this, please contact the UNSW Colour Vision Clinic in Sydney.

We are not a CASA Designated Eye Examiner – if you require this, please search via the CASA website.